Since the dawn of the internet, shopping has been revolutionized. Gone are the days of single shops with specific ranges of products thanks to websites like Amazon and stores like Walmart. Now, these places are like malls, only… much more convenient to shop in and much smaller. Plus, they’re both able to ship right to your doorstep. What shopping mall does that?

Enter MySavingsMall. At a glance, it might not seem very different from the likes of Amazon or Walmart. Like them, we carry a wide range of products at competitive prices. We believe that our customers shouldn’t have to settle on “good enough”, and so, we provide a variety even within the variety. For example, why just get “bandages” when you can choose between different options, different material, different boxes, different quantities, rolls, individually packaged, spooled or not, entire kits containing bandages, and more? Having more options is never a bad thing.

Let’s face it. Bandages? Pretty boring. But bandages are a necessity. Our range of things that can be considered necessities is insane. Getting a new pet? We’ve got you covered with pet toys, cat homes, and pet supplies. Looking to spruce up your kitchen experience? We’ve got tons of great kitchen wares that combine style with functionality to make your cooking experience a joy. Remodeling your home? Would you be surprised if I told you we even carry products to make doing that easy? That’s right. We have flooring, tools, security systems, you name it.

Life’s not just about necessities though, is it? We know that, you know that, and we want to bring a bit more spice to life. Our catalog reflects the need to have a little fun. We carry baseball supplies, hiking gear, airsoft equipment, and even sell water boats and water skis (as well as the life jackets to match!). When you’re done spending the day out on the water riding the wakes, you can take advantage of the neat grilling supplies we have to turn any summer barbecue up a notch. 

Want to look good doing it? We pride ourselves on keeping up with trends. Our vintage wood sunglasses in wayfarer style look cool, protect your eyes, and compete with the styles of big brands without having similar price tags. We even have wooden watches which are really on-trend right now and look great on anyone!