About Us

  • Are you an organization wanting to expand your market reach and benefit offerings?

  • Would you like to save money while strengthening your constituents  benefit programs, while also growing your customer base?

For over 20 years Monde, Inc. the parent company of MySavingsMall.com, has been providing clients with customized savings programs. We have proven to be one of the largest aggregated marketing firms in North America. Our strength in numbers enables us to offer pre-negotiated and deep discounts on products and services your employees, members and supporters may already be purchasing.

Great Value Added Benefits for your members!

Your organization can now be part of the MySavingsMall.com platform and use it to save money, provide your employees with a supplemental benefit, offer you members a loyalty or affinity program, and take advantage of great savings.

Enhance your brand recognition and benefit offerings without having to hire web designers and programmers to create an online mall. 

Register for the MySavingsMall.com program today and you members can take advantage of great savings on a wide variety of merchandise offered only to our members. It’s free for organization and members to register.